◇ File will be in A4 300dpi format. It can be in portrait or landscape. If you require a specific file dimension, please let me know in advance as my PC has its limitations.

◇ I accept payments made through Paypal. I’ll provide a Paypal invoice. For orders exceeding $1000, it will have to be done through bank transfer.

◇ Once we’ve both agreed to start on the order, I’ll ask for the full payment before I start.

◇ Only pre-designed characters/OCs or fanart are accepted. Characters that need to be designed or conceptualized, or has no existing drawn references fall under the character design commission.

◇ All rates are for single character only and no bg. BG can be requested for an additional fee.

◇ Waist-up and Full Body illustrations have the same rate. Please request what you truly desire.

◇ Please provide a short but detailed description of your character’s personality and physical appearance, and provide reference images.

◇ I won’t do porn, gore, offensive/sensitive material/topic, mecha, and illustrations referenced from people
(for example: “draw me or my friend in anime/manga style”).

★ Inked

◇ Rate starts at $200


♡ Fan Request

◇ Fixed rate: $150
・ You can request any anime or game character (except for MMO or games with personalized character customizations).
・ It will be a very rough colored sketch.
・ There will be no specifics, checking, or revisions. I'll get to decide how I'll draw the character.


★★ Full-Color Illustration

◇ Rate starts at $300


★★ Simple-Color Illustration |---------NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT---------|

◇ Rate starts at $250


★★★ Character Design Sheet

◇ Rate starts at $600


The following rates are for personal use only.
For commercial commissions, please contact me for further detail and rates.

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